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tap connected to cap
The Bottle Tap is made up of three parts. A dome, a bushing that acts as an axel, and a flat disk. When the disk and dome are rotated on the axel the concave area of the dome is uncovered by the flat disk. A small portion of the flat disk extends into the concave part of the dome. A much larger portion of the flat disk extends away from the dome. In this position the flat disk forms a catch and lever, which engages the cap under the edge. The lever is lifted upward, lifting the cap from the bottle.
Key chain clasp assembley
The key chain cable is connected with a common ball chain clasp. To keep the clasp from accidentally coming apart the key chain is fitted with a clasp lock. It fits snugly on the clasp. It is pulled to one side or the other to gain access to the clasp. Then it is possible to remove a cable end from the clasp for key positioning.