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What ever inspired you to create the Bottle Tap

I have been crafting jewelery since 1975 and commonly do repairs. One day a client of mine brought her husband's wedding ring to me. He had broken it using it as a bottle opener. My wife suggested that I include a bottle opener with the repaired ring. I wanted him to know that a gold ring was not meant to be a bottle opener.

Initially I searched for a common two and one half inch aluminum opener that you see everywhere. Being a dog that can't turn loose of a bone, I began thinking. What was important about the function of a bottle opener to me? This led to the foundation of the design. I wanted it to be as small as possible, durable, not able to snag my pocket, and cool looking. But most of all, it had to work. The concept began with looking at stuff I carried in my pocket, keys and coins. It is possible to open a bottle with a key or coin, but it takes hand strength that not everyone has. I needed leverage. What it needed was a handle on a coin. Better yet, a folding handle on a coin. Then I was off to create a design in which form followed function . Various shapes and sizes of coin-sized disks were experimented with. In the end, I chose the design that fulfilled my basic parameters. The Bottle Tap is optimized to the smallest it can be. The stainless steel is very durable. Its unique design always makes people smile when they find out what it is and how it works. Smiles are very cool. Best of all, it works.