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Frequently asked questions

How big is the Bottle Tap?

It is 1 1/8" X 5/16" or 28.5mm X 8mm.

What metal is the Bottle Tap made of?

All the components of the Bottle Tap are made of stainless steel. The Damascus Steel taps are made from a variety of recycled metals.

Where is the Bottle Tap made?

The parts are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. I assemble, weld, and hand finish the opener in my shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Made in the USA.

Can I put a photo on the top of the Bottle Tap?

Yes it is possible. Fine detail is hard to see do to the scale of the tap. Less complicated images tend to look better on the Bottle Tap.

What if I need help producing a design?

I can help with design of the image for your Bottle Tap.

Can I buy the Bottle Tap in quantities for my organization?

Certainly. Send me an e-mail or telephone.

Is there a warrantee?

The Bottle Tap is warranted against defect for one year. It is designed to be durable, but the moving parts can wear out in time.

My cable is fraying. Can I get a replacement?

The cable can be replaced. It is attached permanently and will need to have the replacement done in my shop.

I have lost my key chain clasp lock. Can I get a new one?

Yes one can be sent to you. Contact us for a replacement.