Old iPhone with Celtic knot Bottle Tap
Plain tap

Bottle Tap

The non-personalized tap comes on a D ring. It sells for $18.00 plus shipping.

Hand Engraved Tap

The hand engraved tap is decorated with your personal design. Each design is priced separately. Email me for a quote.

Laser marked tap

Laser Marked Tap

The laser marked tap is permanently marked with an image of your choice. Monograms, favorite hobbies, and logos are commonly used. Any image file can be used to personalize your tap.They sell for $23.00 on a D ring and $28.00 on a cable key ring, plus shipping.

Damascus steel tap

Damascus Steel Tap

The Damascus Steel taps are made of hand forged Damascus steel. The tap is available in All Damascus for $150.00.The completely Damascus taps can not be engraved. For a personalized Damascus tap there are taps with a stainless back for engraving. They sell for $100.00. Shipping is additional.